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We are days away from the release of Taken – the second book in my MC biker romance series. I’m sure all of you are desperate to know how the end of Sinful turned out, I’m evil leaving y’all on a cliffhanger. Mwahahaha!

I’m really sorry, but Zeke made me (he really did!) 😉

But the wait is almost over.

TAKEN is already avilalbe for pre-order on Amazon here:

On September 1st it will also be available in Kindle Unlimited.

Keep reading below for the 1st chapter…

Copy of Her temper flared and the words tumbled out. “Am I just too much of a good girl, Zeke_ Too good that you can’t even get it up…” “Shut the fuck up, Grace,” he growled seconds before his lips were on hers. Fo


“If I lost you, I’d be broken. I’d be brutal and cold and I’d tear the world apart. Losing you would destroy me. I’d burn the whole world to get you back.”

Second installment of the smouldering, contemporary biker romance series.

Zeke Knight is unlike any man Grace Burton has ever met. The gorgeous MC President came into her life and turned it upside down. Her heart and body belong to him, but being in love with the leader of a motorcycle gang isn’t easy, and she is still trying to navigate her way through Zeke’s world.

Zeke never wanted to fall for the beautiful, feisty Grace. The hellion broke down his defences and worked her way into his heart. Life is perfect until someone decides to take what Zeke loves the most.

And he has to take the Knights of Hell to war her back…

Grace and Zeke’s story continues in:
Possession (book 3) – release date Nov 2020


Zeke Knight didn’t have an impulse control problem. He’d never had issues with holding the rage inside. His Pops had been the opposite. A hair trigger. Someone looked at him funny and the old man beat on them.

Growing up, Zeke saw the mayhem this caused. Although he’d inherited the old man’s temper, he controlled it better.

As his crew dragged Lachlan, the piece of shit that laid his hands on his woman, from the back of the van and walked him into a dense thatch of woodland, Zeke felt his control slip.

Deep, dark rage clouded his vision. The fucker put his hands on Grace. On his woman. He always had a problem with men that beat on women, but this asshole had touched Grace. Had backhanded her and made her bleed.

That couldn’t stand.

Lachlan stumbled as Tiny pushed him forward. “You’re all just a bunch of pussies! Can’t be men and take me on, one on one.” He spat at Tiny’s foot. “Pussies.”

“Says the man who slapped around two defenceless woman,” Jay sneered.

Zeke fingers twitched. Lachlan might be a weak ass piece of shit, but something deep inside, something primal and untamed, called for his blood. “Pussies, huh?”

He stripped off his cut, handing it to Jay before cracking his neck.

“Oh, so you are gonna fight me?” Lachlan raged, eyes bulging and spittle flying from his lips. He really was a psycho motherfucker. “Big, bad Mister President of your pathetic motorcycle gang.”

Lachlan laughed. “Don’t tell me Grace’s pussy is really worth it? No bitch’s pussy is. Especially not hers. Dumb cunt had me put away. She’s an uptight bitch. Bet her cunt is dry as the Sahara—“

The dam burst and Zeke’s rage erupted. His fist connected with Lachlan’s jaw. An audible crack filled the silence, followed by a spurt of blood from Lachlan’s broken nose. Darkness consumed him and he continued punching. His knuckles ached as the skin split, but he didn’t feel the pain. Didn’t feel anything except the rage and untamed desire to make the fucker pay for what he’d done to Grace.

He didn’t stop until the beast was quiet and Lachlan was dead.

Chapter One

With Rafe snoring softly on the couch and Kadence still out from her ordeal at Lachlan’s hands, Grace tweaked Zeke’s blinds for the millionth time. She heard the bikes before she saw them and her pulse spiked.

It seemed like a lifetime ago when she’d spied on her sexy next door neighbor. When all that mattered was getting a look at the hot guy across the road, and blood and vengeance were things she read about in books. She strode out onto the porch, pulling the door gently closed behind her as she waited for the president of the Knights of Hell.

Acid burned in her stomach. It rose to her throat along with a storm of questions whirring in her mind.

Was Gabe okay? Had they killed Lachlan? Could she live with herself knowing they’d killed for her?

Zeke took off his helmet, hanging it on the handlebars before throwing one leg over the metal frame and walking towards her. Dark intensity burned in his eyes, scorching her. He mounted the stairs, stopping two from the top so they stood eye-to-eye.

He cupped her face and said, “Lachlan won’t be bothering you, either of you, ever again.”

The storm of emotions she’d kept at bay broke. Grace collapsed into Zeke’s arms and unleashed a torrent of grief, pain, anger and guilt she’d stored up since she’d seen that animal attacking her sister.

Zeke stroked her hair as she sobbed. She fisted her hands in his patch and inhaled, letting the scent of him—leather, smoke, and masculine heat—calm her thundering heartbeat. She couldn’t stop crying.

“Watch Kadence. Any issues, come get me,” he said to Tiny.

 He swept Grace up, strode into the house and mounted the stairs.  

She didn’t have the strength to be embarrassed. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his neck. She’d always been the strong one. The sensible, rational one. The one people turn to in a crisis. It felt good to have some of the weight taken from her shoulders. To be able to give in to her emotions.

Zeke shouldered the responsibility, allowing her to break down.

He kicked his bedroom door closed and lay her down on the bed, covering her with the comforter.

She bolted upright, her pulse pounding in her throat. “Gabe?”

Zeke gently pushed her back down. “Is fine. He has a concussion. They are keeping him there overnight. Before you ask, they did a CAT scan. No bleeding. The overnight stay is just precaution.”

“Thank god.” She watched Zeke kick of his boots and strip off his patch. The aftershocks of her meltdown continued to rack her body. Despite the comforter, she shivered. Not even Zeke stripping could warm her. “Zeke, we need to talk.”

“Not now. Not tonight.” He got on the bed, climbed over her and settled himself against her back. He wrapped one arm across her stomach, gently pulling her closer until he spooned her, cocooning her with his warmth.

She relaxed into him. For the first time since she found Lachlan in her bathroom with his hands around her sister’s throat, she felt safe.

Tears fell in a silent stream as Zeke rubbed tender circles on her belly. “Ssshh, Grace,” he whispered, kissing her temple every few seconds. “It’s okay. You’re okay. Nothing is going to happen to you. Not while I’m here.”

She wouldn’t let Kadence see her like this—weak and broken. She needed to be strong for the emotional fallout.

But here and now, in the privacy of Zeke’s arms, she allowed herself to break and knew he’d be there to catch her.

Pre-order my erotic, paranormal Christmas romance, The Invitation – only 99c! Available Nov 17th.


Just in time for Christmas, my Christmas erotic romance, The Invitation is available for pre-order. The official release date is Friday November 17th.

This is one of the first stories I ever wrote and submitted for publication. Gabriel Longthorn holds a special place in my heart, and I’m so happy that his story is once again available – with a spectacular new cover.

Big thanks to the amazing, R. L. Weeks for creating this masterpiece!


As always, the book will be available via Amazon for 99c and free for Kindle Unlimited readers!


Every Christmas, Evie dreams of attending the glamorous masquerade ball at Longthorn, home of the reclusive Gabriel. She watches from afar, wishing she could be near him. Gabriel, the man in her most erotic fantasies. Then the invitation arrives, along with a beautiful mask and dress. Her presence is requested.

Gabriel needs Evie. As king of the Shadow world, he knows only one woman can complete him, can sate both his infinite carnal lust and the ache in his lonely heart. He’s spent years waiting for Evie, and he plans to claim her, body and soul.



Her blood thickened. Desire punched through her fear. Her breasts swelled and her nipples tightened. Moisture slicked her thighs as if she’d inhaled a potent drug that made her instantly pliant and aroused.

Her drug had a name. Gabriel Longthorn.

The man of her childhood dreams. The man of her womanly fantasies.

Time slowed and the music became a distant echo as his gaze met hers. A predatory smile spread across his chiseled face and her heart almost beat out of her chest. Christ, he was beautiful. Devastating. And she wanted to fling herself on him.

Her strong physical reaction defied explanation. She’d been around handsome men before and never felt this sexual.

Both women scowled when they realized Gabriel no longer cared what they had to say. Evie resisted the urge to glance over her shoulder. Was he really looking at her and not some stunning redhead standing behind her?

He unfolded himself from the chair in a way that was much too graceful for a man his size before moving through the crowd.

She stared. He was hypnotic. Mesmerizing. The crowd parted. All eyes watched as he purposefully strode toward her. A smile curled the edges of his lips.

Dressed in a white ruched shirt and a frock coat of the finest dark-blue velvet, he was the epitome of an old-fashioned mystical being. His white breeches pulled across his groin as he walked, leaving nothing to the imagination. Black knee-high boots completed the outfit.

He stopped inches away from her. She could smell his spicy scent as he took the champagne from her grasp and handed it to a passing guest. His ice-blue eyes stared intently into hers.

“Miss Ward. Thank you for the pleasure of your company this delightful Christmas Eve.” He bowed and took her hand. He brushed his lips gently across her skin. His breath caressed the tiny hairs and she felt that caress between her thighs, as if he’d pressed his lips against her clit.

Her breathing hitched. She chided herself for being so enthralled. He was just a man. Granted, he was unlike any man she’d ever seen—charismatic, charming, gentlemanly, not to mention studly.

Good and evil warred inside her mind. She wanted to slide her body against his, run her hand across his groin and test the weight of his cock. Would it be as impressive and thick as the outline in his breeches promised?

Pervert, the voice inside her head cried.

She gathered her wits from the gutter. “The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Longthorn. I do wonder why I received an invitation.”

He stroked the pulse point at her wrist, rubbing slow circles and stoking her arousal. “Because, Miss Ward, you have a very fertile imagination. Sometimes we all need to take a little time to dream.”

Another footman brought out a chair to match Gabriel’s. The staff was amazing, anticipating the guests’ every need. Where did he find these people?

Gabriel turned to the crowd and walked toward the raised dais. Everyone stared at them as if she were a specimen under a microscope.

As if sensing her discomfort, Gabriel smiled and addressed the guests. “Please, my honored and most noble guests, continue with the ball! There is champagne to be enjoyed, food to be savored and decadent pleasures to be tasted…”

Claiming Ruby receives TOP PICK from The Romance Reviews!


I’m so excited. Claiming Ruby got a 5* review from The Romance Reviews!

It was one of the TOP PICKS!


Thanks so much for Gabrielle Sally who read Claiming Ruby and gave it such an amazing review.

Oh. I have to say that Scarlett Sanderson’s CLAIMING RUBY was downright delicious. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the story but it lit me up in all the right ways. From how charming Ruby was to the understated masculinity of Joshua and how easily Ruby managed to reduce him to a clever mix of unschooled boy battling with new emotions versus his scrumptious dominance.

You can read the full review here

Claiming Ruby is…

 Available at |

Also available FREE on


Review for At Their Command 4/5 stars


I’m once again so excited to share a lovely review from Knotty Reviewer from The Romance Reviews

Scarlett Sanderson

4 out of 5 stars

Scarlett Sanderson is one of my go-to authors for kinky erotica, and this short story did it for me. Granted, it was a Christmas story, and it is July, but it’s always nice to have a little holiday spirit during a totally different holiday.

You can read the full review here

At Their Command is available from and It’s free for Kindle Unlimited members!


Have you been naughty or nice?

All Hope wants for Christmas is Ethan St. Claire. She’s had a thing for him since high school, when he was the bad boy and she was the class geek. Now she’s older, wiser…and dying of sexual frustration. Fantasies of having Ethan and his best friend Dominic at the same time drive her wild with unsated need.

Ethan has always loved Hope, and he’s finished waiting for her to realize they’re meant for each other. He’s taking command and giving Hope exactly what she needs. 

If she’s nice, he’ll give her a sexy spanking. If she’s naughty, he and Dominic will double her pleasure as an extra-lusty Christmas treat.

Previously published with Ellora’s Cave


Liked At Their Command? Why not check out Dominic’s story, Wicked Game

Available now! Fourth Time’s a Charm (99c)


Available now from Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.

Re-release of Fourth Time’s a Charm.

Group sex is decadent, a forbidden fruit, a social taboo. Cameron knows her lover Vince has experimented in the past but she’s never had the courage to indulge her most secret desires. Until now.

Consumed by the idea of having sex with more than one person, Cameron forms a plan with her best friend—one night of unbridled, no-holds-barred sexual experimentation. One night that will bring two couples closer than they’ve ever been and show Cameron that a little decadence is exactly what she needs.

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EC titles reverted to me and the future release of books…


Now onto more exciting news.
 Now my books are my own, what am I going to do with them?
 I’m going to be working on repackaging the books with new covers and giving them an ‘update’. Look out for the re-branded titles soon.  I will be dipping my hand into the world of self-publishing and have the freedom to write/publish what I want. It’s very scary but also very exciting.
 I can announce Beg Me will be available for resale again in the next few weeks *squee*
What do you think of my new cover?
Although not originally part of a series, Beg Me will now be the first story in the Masters of Decadence series. More on that soon.
More good news, for those of your waiting for final instalment in the Mission Pleasure series, Sebastian’s story, I can tell you I am about a third of the way through writing his book. And I let you into a little secret *whispers* he’s still as hot as he was in the first two books…maybe hotter…
I’m planning a few new titles too. A sexy ménage involving two brothers and a hot biker romance.
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Lastly, on a personal note, 2016 has been a rollercoaster year. My health isn’t great but I did manage to have an amazing wedding and a mind-blowing honeymoon. Mr. Scarlett is now officially Mr. Scarlett 😉
Until next time…

Wishing you a happy, healthy and kinky New Year!



Happy 2013!!!

I hope you all had wonderful New Year’s Eve celebrations. Hopefully 2013 will be a healthy, wealthy and prosperous one (not to mention kinky) for you all 🙂

2012 was an amazing year for me. On the professional front, I wrote and published more books than ever. Thanks to all my generous and wonderful readers, they continue to do well. So thank you for all your support over the last year. I love working with Ellora’s Cave and my editor, Carrie Jackson. They rock.

On the personal front, me and Mister Scarlett did a lot of travelling starting with London in February and then onto New York and Paris in the Fall. The highlight had to be the trip to New York! Ahhh, such perfect memories.

photo (5)

What does 2013 hold for me? Not much travelling this year. We’ve vowed to stay at home and work on some home improvements. ‘Nesting’ one of my friend’s calls it 🙂 It means more time to write. I start a part time Masters in Librarianship in April.

On the writing front The Invitation will be coming out, as will Shadows. The big news is the Mission Pleasure trilogy should also be out this year.

So, once again Happy New Year!