Claiming Ruby receives TOP PICK from The Romance Reviews!


I’m so excited. Claiming Ruby got a 5* review from The Romance Reviews!

It was one of the TOP PICKS!


Thanks so much for Gabrielle Sally who read Claiming Ruby and gave it such an amazing review.

Oh. I have to say that Scarlett Sanderson’s CLAIMING RUBY was downright delicious. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the story but it lit me up in all the right ways. From how charming Ruby was to the understated masculinity of Joshua and how easily Ruby managed to reduce him to a clever mix of unschooled boy battling with new emotions versus his scrumptious dominance.

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Review for At Their Command 4/5 stars


I’m once again so excited to share a lovely review from Knotty Reviewer from The Romance Reviews

Scarlett Sanderson

4 out of 5 stars

Scarlett Sanderson is one of my go-to authors for kinky erotica, and this short story did it for me. Granted, it was a Christmas story, and it is July, but it’s always nice to have a little holiday spirit during a totally different holiday.

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Have you been naughty or nice?

All Hope wants for Christmas is Ethan St. Claire. She’s had a thing for him since high school, when he was the bad boy and she was the class geek. Now she’s older, wiser…and dying of sexual frustration. Fantasies of having Ethan and his best friend Dominic at the same time drive her wild with unsated need.

Ethan has always loved Hope, and he’s finished waiting for her to realize they’re meant for each other. He’s taking command and giving Hope exactly what she needs. 

If she’s nice, he’ll give her a sexy spanking. If she’s naughty, he and Dominic will double her pleasure as an extra-lusty Christmas treat.

Previously published with Ellora’s Cave


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5 out of 5 star review for Darkness Comes



Donna at You Gotta Read Reviews has given Darkness Comes a 5 out of 5 star review! 🙂 Thanks so much, Donna.


Mia has endured a tortured past. Literally. As a teen, she had been sold into slavery and forced to do unspeakable things. Her scars are both internal and external, but she has survived and is making a name for herself in the galaxy. She is the best doctor available for getting into the criminal mind to either rehabilitate or gain confessions. What she finds in Dylan’s mind is her worst nightmare…and her greatest pleasure.

Being betrayed may be the best thing to ever happen to Dylan. He has fought the Company for most of his life, vowing to get revenge for the fate of his mother, but now that he has stolen a vast majority of their money, they want him dead. Just not until after their sexy doctor picks through his mind and finds his stash. What she doesn’t know is that he’s ready for her, and he is more than happy to fulfill every one of her darkest, dirtiest secret desires.

I almost never give a 5 star rating to a short story (it’s less than 80 pages), but Darkness Comes is such a gripping story with a highly imaginative plot, seductive characters and an intriguing setting that I just have to give it a You Gotta Read rating. Psychological thriller comes to mind, but the story is a romance between a doctor and her criminal patient. It is intense, with mind games and rough sex…and a cliffhanger that has me chomping at the bit for the next installment in this awesome new series! I want more!

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