Mission Pleasure series (BDSM/erotic romance/HEAs)

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All books can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading in order 🙂


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Owned by the Night (standalone paranormal erotic romance)

He’ll stop at nothing to possess what’s his…

For centuries, Kyrian has searched for Allegra Augusta. She isn’t just the vampire who made him immortal—she’s his love, his life, his mate. He’ll stop at nothing to find her again, to claim her for his own.

Allegra won’t stop running. Kyrian is the one man powerful enough to own her, body and soul. If he finds her, she’ll have no choice but to submit, and she’s terrified of losing herself to the primal, shattering pleasure only Kyrian can give.

Reader advisory: This book contains a brief description of abuse.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and reedited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Available from all storefronts on September 24th 2019


Wicked Game

Wicked Game (standalone erotic romance/HEA)

Librarian Ruth wants something wicked. Something a nice girl would never wish for—to be taken, tied up and forced into pleasure. Hands bound, blindfolded—she wants, needs, to be utterly helpless as a man to take her again and again. But not just any man. Ruth’s darkest fantasies always star Dominic Sullivan.

Dominic knows it’s wrong but he can’t help himself. Whenever he’s around Ruth, he longs to bend her over or force her to her knees, to give her pleasure and take his in return. After overhearing her confess that she wants someone to abduct her for raw, primal pleasure, he hatches a plan that will give them both what they most desire. It’s a wicked game they’re playing, a game Dominic plans to win.

Especially since the ultimate prize isn’t just Ruth’s body—it’s her heart.

Previously published with Ellora’s Cave

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Scarlett Sanderson

At Their Command – prequel to Wicked Game (erotic romance/HEA)

Have you been naughty or nice?

All Hope wants for Christmas is Ethan St. Claire. She’s had a thing for him since high school, when he was the bad boy and she was the class geek. Now she’s older, wiser…and dying of sexual frustration. Fantasies of having Ethan and his best friend Dominic at the same time drive her wild with unsated need.

Ethan has always loved Hope, and he’s finished waiting for her to realize they’re meant for each other. He’s taking command and giving Hope exactly what she needs.

If she’s nice, he’ll give her a sexy spanking. If she’s naughty, he and Dominic will double her pleasure as an extra-lusty Christmas treat.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published by Ellora’s Cave.

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Beg Me

Beg Me (standalone erotic romance/HEA)

First book in the scorching hot romance series, Masters of Decadence…

Tessa dreams about being tied up and tantalized with pleasure. She longs for a man to take control, to drive her wild with need. But she’s never been able to let go and indulge in her most forbidden desires.

The second Jared sees Tessa, he wants her. Her fierce intelligence and repressed sensuality call to him, make him burn with a passion he hasn’t felt in years.

Jared offers Tessa a deal—for a month, they’ll play a game of desire. He’ll make her beg, make her moan, make her want things she never knew existed. No strings attached.

But when he can’t get enough of Tessa’s scent, her taste, her touch, he realizes what he really wants is her love…

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published by Ellora’s Cave.

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Captivated by the Dark

Captivated by the Dark (dark erotic romance/HEA)

Are you ready to step into the darkness?

Mia is a respected psychologist with the Company—an interplanetary conglomerate—and a master at using virtual technology to penetrate the criminal mind. No one knows about her sex-slave past, or about the dark desires she tries to ignore. When she’s given Dylan Benjamin’s case and told to break him down, something about the man, something primal, reaches deep inside her and strokes the taboo lust she’s worked so hard to hide.

Dylan just wanted revenge against the Company. He never expected to get caught stealing, or to be pitted against Mia in a virtual world. But he recognizes the darkness lurking in her and he’ll do anything to draw it out, to prove they’re kindred spirits.

Only he can give Mia what she needs—not soft and gentle but hard and fast. No roses or pretty words—just chains and rough, raw pleasure.

Please note: This story has been previously published by Ellora’s Cave as Darkness Comes

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Fourth Time’s a Charm (erotic romance/MFMF)

Group sex is decadent, a forbidden fruit, a social taboo. Cameron knows her lover Vince has experimented in the past but she’s never had the courage to indulge her most secret desires. Until now.


Consumed by the idea of having sex with more than one person, Cameron forms a plan with her best friend—one night of unbridled, no-holds-barred sexual experimentation. One night that will bring two couples closer than they’ve ever been and show Cameron that a little decadence is exactly what she needs.

Publisher’s Note: Previously published with Ellora’s Cave

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